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Aug 20, 2023 - Sep 24, 2023

Journey to Peace: Reducing Grief Anxiety

  • 36Days
  • 12Steps


Anxiety is real. It is heavy. It is pervasive. And it can feel like it rules our life. It pops up as soon as we awake, stays with us all day and keeps us up at night and impacts every part of our physical and emotional lives. Journey to Peace - Reducing Grief Anxiety is a 6 week online workshop designed to begin the conversation that is so desperately needed to truly normalize grief so we can normalize and work to decrease grief anxiety. But to manage grief anxiety, we have to understand what it is, how our minds and bodies respond to it and how best to care for ourselves while we honor and work with our emotions to heal. Invest in yourself for the next 6 weeks, as we: Take a deep dive into the importance of honoring our losses, feelings and emotions. Learn new ways to explore the emotions and feelings that our losses bring forth. Understand the impact to the body when we repress our emotions. Discover and engage your body's inherent healing tools to regulate the nervous system, reducing anxiety. Develop your own true self care plan for emotional wellbeing that you will begin today. Journey to Peace offers a true self care experience for anyone struggling to understand their grief and the anxiety inherent in their grief. By unraveling some of the mystery of what is happening in your mind and body, and implementing tools to work with your emotions, you will come away with a new understanding of your grief, and a new path to healing.

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