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Does grief counseling help?

In their article, Demystifying Grief Counseling: Five FAQ's, What's Your Grief provides a few excellent pointers for anyone considering reaching out for help. In a culture that promotes independence, resilience and a constant state of happiness, reaching out can be scary.

The need to have a counseling partner with specialized grief training is perhaps one of the most important suggestions. I've had clients tell me they've "tried grief counseling" before, with a therapist that was very good, but didn't have concentrated, formal grief counseling training. This experience led them to withdraw from therapy, slightly frustrated, and feeling a bit lost.

It can be a cumbersome process to have to comb through counseling sites, practices and bios to make sure you have the best support you can receive; but the homework needs to be done. Every loss is different, and the way we process and manage grief is unique, as well. Therapeutic support, resources and interventions also differ based on need. If you think counseling could help or even wonder how it could help, you don't have to do this alone. Start your search for the right therapist for you.

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