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About The Center

The Center for Loss, Grief, Hope and Healing is a collaborative effort of counselors, therapists, psychologists and healers, dedicated to providing comprehensive support for those experiencing loss, grief and trauma.

Loss looks like many things.  The loss of a loved one, friendships, jobs, roles, relationships, physical and mental functioning.  And there are times when help is needed to process through our experience. ​Loss can be traumatic and unexpected.  It can be something we know is coming, and need help navigating.  However it shows up, loss is oftentimes destabilizing, disruptive and can be earth shattering.  

​At the Center, we recognize the need to address loss, grief and trauma in a safe, supportive and caring way.  We recognize the need to have one location for these specific needs.  At the Center, we have gathered together specialists, whose only focus is loss, grief and trauma.  We are a safe space for healing your emotional wounds.


The impact of trauma can leave long lasting scars.  Caring for those who have experienced different kinds of trauma requires special training and expertise. 


At the Center, our counselors and therapists are highly trained and skilled specialists focusing solely on loss, grief and trauma.  

In addition to our specialists, the Center will soon be partnering with a wide variety of healers to provide support for whole person healing - mind, body and spirit.  We are currently building an amazing team of grief and trauma informed reiki healers, massage therapists, sound, music and energy healers and doulas. 


We are honored that you are considering the Center as a support for your needs.  Please reach out when you are ready. We are here for you. 

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