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Nola Metz Simpson, MPA, M.Ed., LCMHC

As the founder and owner of the Center for Loss, Grief, Hope & Healing, it is my greatest desire to bring healing to those suffering from loss, grief, trauma.  I am passionate about providing the highest level of care and service to our community and am committed to being a resource for everyone searching for help in healing.   

About Nola

Nola received her Bachelor’s in Political Science from UNC Wilmington and received both her Master’s in Public Administration and her Master’s in Education, Counseling, from NC State University.   Nola has over thirty years of executive level leadership experience in healthcare and has wedded this knowledge with her desire to help individuals and our communities heal their pain, loss and suffering.


In addition to formal academic training, Nola continues to learn and grow to support healing our community.  She is a certified level two therapist in Prolonged Grief Therapy, through The Center for Prolonged Grief, University of Columbia.  She is currently trained in EMDR therapy through the Maiberger Institute in Boulder, Colorado. She is also currently training with the Portland Institute of Loss and Transition, under the leadership of Dr. Robert Neimeyer and his team, for certification in suicide bereavement.  Nola holds an unrestricted counseling license in North Carolina through the NC Board of Certified Mental Health Counselors and a South Carolina Telehealth license, number 801,  that can be found here at the SC Telehealth Provider webpage.


Nola’s journey to become a counselor started many years ago as a volunteer with hospice, which then led her to train as a Death Doula through the International End of Life Doula Association.  Her desire to specialize in counseling is underpinned by her own life experiences.  Having walked her own grief journey; she knows there is peace following the storm and that suffering, while part of the human condition, does not have to last forever.  In fact, it is possible to heal, reconcile our losses and find meaning and joy in life, again.  


Grief and trauma impact every one of us.  All of us will experience grief, and most of us will experience some type of trauma in our lives.  In a culture that fails to support the natural need to embrace and allow grief and trauma to be honored, validated, witnessed and healed, Nola works to shift this paradigm of rejection to one of acceptance.   

Life can get overwhelming at times.  If you feel like you need help navigating your experiences, please reach out at any time.  


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