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How Can Grief Counseling Help?

Healing Is Possible

When you find yourself standing at the foot of a loss, the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual impacts can be overwhelming. Whether you were "expecting" the death, or it came suddenly and without warning, your response to your loss is unique. Your world has stopped. Nothing feels safe.  Your life has shattered into a million pieces that will never go back together again.


You can't sleep.  You can't eat.  You can't focus.  You sleep all the time. You eat too much.  You drink too much.  You can't sit still.  You never sleep.  You ask why. No one has an answer.  You doubt, blame, hold guilt and wonder: how do I go through each day?  Will I ever be okay?  How long will this go on?  You feel wounded beyond repair.  Like a piece of you has also died.  

You have in fact been wounded; but you are not beyond repair.  Healing is possible.  This is where grief counseling helps. 

How Do I Get Started?

Courageously Step Into Your Journey

As grief specialists, our job is to help you navigate, facilitate and coach you through the thoughts, feelings, emotions, doubts, fears and pain of loss, and to ultimately see the shattered parts of you restored.  But this journey starts with you. 


It starts with you taking the courageous step into healing. The journey requires that you walk bravely into the painful experience and do the work required to come out on the other side of this storm.  Grief is a constant, faithful companion, who, once you make its acquaintance, never fully leaves your side.  We start this journey together, until you are able to walk it on your own.

Begin Your Journey To Healing

You Have The Power

It takes strength and courage to stand in the face of grief, learn how to walk with it, and yes, ultimately embrace its power and make it your own.  You may feel paralyzed, unable to function; frozen in fear, anxiety and pain.  But it is possible to learn to walk with this grief - to move again. 


You have the power to do it.  You step into this process with strength and courage, and we support your journey. Together we work to restore, bring meaning and purpose back to your life and ultimately find joy and meaning in life, again.

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