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Bridge Over River

Individual Grief Counseling

Grief is so much more than just grief

Grief is not a disease, nor is it a mental disorder.

But you may feel that it will kill you,

and that you have truly lost your mind. 

Grief is a combination of emotions that

hit without warning and stay until they go.

Grief causes confusion, difficulty functioning,

fear, anxiety, guilt and a sense of disconnection

from the world as you once knew it.

And the interesting thing about grief is, it really serves

as a pathway to our souls. 

Grief can strip away all the things we thought we knew,

thought mattered, thought made sense. 

It leaves us feeling raw, bare and no longer

holding the space of confident knowing. 

Grief is so much more than just being sad that someone we love has died.  Grief is an all encompassing change in who we once were. 

Rather than hoping grief will subside,

or ignoring the pain we are in and riding it out

until it all becomes a distant memory,

actively embracing grief 

can  serve as a catalyst into

great introspection and new understandings.  

Evidenced Based Practices

To best support you, I provide evidenced based treatments and interventions, including  Internal Family System and Complicated Grief Therapy.  With a focus on positive psychology, narrative therapy and mindfulness based interventions, I meet my clients where they are on their journey and help them walk into a place of healing. 

Grief is so much more than just grief, and the healing begins

as we begin to open to all of grief's many parts. 

I have designed a grief counseling program that supports more,

when more support is needed.  With options that are more flexible,

and more comprehensive,

support is available

when you need it most.

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