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Individual Grief & Trauma Counseling

Grief Counseling

Grief is a combination of emotions that

hit without warning and stay until they go.

And it feels like it will last forever. 

Grief causes confusion, difficulty functioning, fear, anxiety, guilt and a sense of disconnection from the world as you once knew it.


Grief is an all encompassing change in who we once were.  Rather than hoping grief will subside, or ignoring the pain we are in and riding it out until it all becomes a distant memory, actively embracing grief 

can  serve as a catalyst into great introspection and new understandings.  

Trauma Counseling

While we can experience grief without also experiencing trauma; we cannot experience trauma without grief.  Trauma, the impact of overwhelming life experiences, will always bring grief into our lives, as well.  There is inherent loss in trauma and this is an important piece of understanding not only the impact  of trauma, but also how to heal trauma.

Understanding how trauma impacts the mind, body and spirit is integral in caring for and treating trauma.  

Evidenced Based Care

To best support you, the Center provides evidenced based counseling to best support you.  Utilizing all types of therapeutic modalities, including CBT, DBT, Person Centered, Existential, IFS and EMDR therapies, we pride ourselves on the professional knowledge and skills that are held and continuously honed to ensure the best care possible.


We are growing and will have a vast array of therapists, with lived lives, experience and therapeutic frameworks that are as diverse as our community.

The Center is here to support our community with grief and trauma specialists working together to support loss, grief and trauma in an amazing way.


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