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Grief Rising - A Free Workshop to Honor, Embrace & Integrate Grief for True Healing
Grief Rising - A Free Workshop to Honor, Embrace & Integrate Grief for True Healing

Tue, Sep 19


Grief Rising

Grief Rising - A Free Workshop to Honor, Embrace & Integrate Grief for True Healing

Join us for a free, 4 week workshop, where we come together to honor the grief we carry, explore research behind the impact of grief on the mind and body, gain new insight into how the nervous system responds to grief and learn real self care strategies to begin your healing.

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Time & Location

Sep 19, 2023, 7:00 PM EDT – Oct 10, 2023, 7:00 PM EDT

Grief Rising

About the event

Grief can be scary. Part of the reason grief is so scary is, as a culture, we don't talk about grief.  In fact, our culture actively works to ignore and repress the needs of the grieving, pushing grief down into the depths of our souls where it waits for the day we allow it to rise.  Because we don’t talk about grief; we don’t understand it.  We don’t understand how it impacts our mind and body, and we don’t have the knowledge, resources or tools to help ourselves navigate griefy times.  If you have been struggling to understand your grief, this workshop is for you!

Invest in yourself for just one hour a week for 4 weeks with this free workshop, where you will:

Learn how grief impacts the brain and how the brain works with the nervous system to actually protect you from your loss.  With new understanding and new tools, learn ways to work with - instead of against - your grief!  We will explore the latest research, gaining insight and understanding into what grief really IS!   (Spoiler alert - grief is  NOT only an emotional reaction to loss!)

Get to know your nervous system - It’s the mind body connection that makes grief make sense. You may have heard of fight, flight, freeze, feign, fawn.  Understanding the nervous system and the long term implications of a dysregulated system will empower you with knowledge that will forever change how you manage your emotions.

Master your body’s own self-regulation tools.  The best kept secret to regulating our systems is not even a secret!  Each of us has incredibly powerful, built-in tools we can use to calm our systems immediately!

Craft an actionable self care plan!  You will leave this workshop with a plan for true self care and begin living a life that honors, embraces and integrates grief for true healing.

Join us for this free, 4 week workshop as we gain valuable information to normalize and unravel the mystery of grief, take back the power to step into your own healing and come away with tools and resources for continued healing for mind, body and spirit.

Registration is required, and a pre-workshop conversation will be held with each participant to prepare the best support possible.  RSVP above, or select this link now Register for Grief Rising

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