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Specialized Counseling Programs

Let's Do The Work...Together

Individual Grief Counseling

Weekly Counseling Packages

Conventional counseling programs provide 50 minute sessions once a week. And while there is tremendous value in this model,  I believe individuals experiencing grief need a new model of care to support the complicated, unrelenting grief that comes at them in huge, unexpected waves.

My individual grief counseling  support plans are one of the most comprehensive plans available. I tailor a package that is specific for your needs.  Options include meeting once to two times a week, with add on support options, such as micro-sessions, also available.


Weekly Sessions

 All sessions are at this time remote and are 60 to 90 minutes each.

Micro Sessions

Micro sessions are 20 minute intervals, as needed, when needed.


If you are interested in help, please reach out below. 

A no cost introductory meeting will be scheduled to discuss your needs. 

Group Grief Counseling

Specialized Grief Groups


There is amazing healing that comes from sharing our grief with others and gaining the support we need to live through the pain and transform our lives.


Because there are differences in different types of loss, I am currently assembling grief groups specific to the following losses:  spouses, partners, child(ren).   I currently have openings for each group, and all groups will have no more than 6 members. 

Please reach out if you are interested or considering a grief group as a possibility to support yourself through your grief.

All groups are closed groups, meaning once we have an established membership, additional members will not enter the group. For this reason, commitment to the group and the group process is needed.


Group will meet weekly, for 90 minutes.  If you are interested in joining a grief group, please reach out below. A no cost introductory meeting will be scheduled to discuss your needs and determine if a group setting is best for you. .  

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