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Join Our Amazing Team!

We would love to hear from you!  As North Carolina's first and only loss, grief and trauma specialty practice, we are excited to join together experts in our field for our community. 


We are currently seeking partnerships with therapists and healers across the state to create a healing community for loss, grief and trauma.  Our is goal to connect clients with therapists in their communities,

and therapists to the communities they can serve!

Counselors/Therapists:  We are currently hiring counselors/therapists whose specialties and primary area of training and focus is grief and trauma, as well as therapists with specialties in all areas.  Must hold a minimum of a master's degree and a valid state license to practice by a counseling or social work board.  Provisional licensees  are encouraged to apply.  Remote positions open now!

Death Doulas:  We are currently looking for partnership opportunities with death doulas.  We are launching a resource section specifically dedicated to highlighting the amazing support death doulas provide and will have partnership opportunity with the Center.

Reiki, Energy Healers, Acupuncturists, Yoga Instructors and Massage Therapists:  We are currently seeking to partner with healers of all modalities and want to offer our community as many resources as possible.  If you are a grief/trauma informed healer, let's discuss how the Center can help bring awareness to these amazing support services that are so needed in our communities.

Image by Olia Nayda

Join Our Amazing Team!

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Thank you for the work you do!  We are excited to talk with you and will be in touch soon!

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