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Unexpected Loss

Unexpected loss is destabilizing and for this reason, requires intentional focus and care.  It can be helpful to understand what is happening in our minds, bodies and spirits, and how best to put in place strategies to support ourselves for best healing.  Grief is a lifelong journey.  There is no "getting over" or completely resolving or extinguishing grief in the way we put out a fire and know it will not reblaze.  What we can do is work with it, not against it.  And we do this best by learning what grief is and how it impacts us. 

Understanding Grief

Grief will be your own unique experience.  No one can know your grief, as they have not lived, loved or lost in your way.  How you grieve will depend on so many factors, such as how you learned to grieve, the losses and the types of losses you have experienced, your social and familial supports, current medical and mental health status and resources.  Sometimes, though, it helps to have a safe space to share thoughts and feelings or even learn how to express these thoughts and feelings.  Sometimes, we do get stuck.  And sometimes we just feel like we need help. We are here to help with any of these needs, or anything else you may need as you grieve.

Grief is...

The convergence of all that is with the knowledge that this is now "what was".

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